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how do i go into first person mode

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I followed this game on IndieDB, it has extremely pretty stylised graphics, and the gameplay is also interesting.
A browser version would be nice, so more people could try it.

I've had a blast with this game. Keep up the great work! 😁

This game is DOPE!! Keep up the great work.

Your game does not detect my keyboard... None of your menus respond to keyboard or mouse. Is this controller only?

That's certainly different. No the game supports pretty much everything and has a rebindable controls setting in the options menu. Send me an email to so we can try and work it out. Let me know in the email what model keyboard you have, what OS you are running, and if you can go in the following folder "C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\LocalLow\Taranasus\Vecter", zip up that folder and attach it to the email that would be great to.

Great game! I play every evening as the map changes daily. Now, since the community has grown, it has become more and more difficult to break into the top three spots on the leaderboard! :P

This looks awesome! Any chance of a MacOS or WebGL build?

Not in the near future I'm afraid. Probably down the line once I start considering other platforms.

Glad you like the look of it though! Makes me really happy!